Pets – Just what the Doctor Ordered!

Despite my best intentions it has been a long time between blogs, In an attempt to rectify this situation and keep  the information flowing I have deputized my daughter, Katherine, to help with the writing. Together we will keep this blog relevant and informative 🙂 Thanks Kat!KatherineFor our first collaborative effort we wanted to discuss some of the tangible health benefits to pet ownership.

It is wonderful to see that research promoting the important contribution our furry family members make to our health and well being has been gaining momentum in recent months. Pet owners have long been championing the positive impact animals have in their daily lives, but recent studies confirm that there are both physical and mental health benefits.

Good for our minds…

Psychologists have discovered that pet owners tend to be less lonely, have higher self-esteem, be more extroverted and be less fearful about getting close to other people. They have also found that cuddling, stroking and playing with your pet can be a powerful mood enhancer, reducing stress, anxiety and depression (as if we didn’t know that already!). kitty

Good for our bodies…

Recent studies have also shown that pet owners get more exercise than their pet free counterparts. Dog owners are especially active as they are motivated to get out and about while taking their pooches for walks. Research has also shown that owning pets can improve your health by decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Though still in early stages, there has even been some study exploring the correlation between owning pets and decreased risk of heart disease and stroke! Amazing!

Pets are the best medicine

So next time you’re feeling a bit under the weather, try giving your kitty a cuddle or taking your dog for a walk – you may be surprised at just how much better you feel. 🙂


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